Instant Mortgage Pre-Qual for RE Agents

Pre-Fi has developed an industry leading tool for real estate agents to revolutionize the pre-qualification process.

Mortgage Pre-Qualification

Mortgage Pre-Qualification

Helping you spend more time with the right clients.


Receive a predictive approval decision, rate and loan amount.

Purchasing Power

Understand how much your client can afford before you start a property search and showing them homes.


Quickly understanding if a client qualifies helps you spend more time with the right clients.

Mortgage Pre-Qualification


Fast. Accurate. Easy. 
30 Seconds. 4 Fields. No Disclosures.

Soft Credit Pull

Client's credit report is received using a soft pull. You get all the data you need and it doesn't affect their credit.


Pre-Fi has the highest level of security in place making sure your customers' information is safe.

Pre-Qualification Process

We optimized the process to make it as simple as possible.

Mortgage Pre-Qualification
Mortgage Pre-Qualification